Apollo Pro

AI-based Business Intelligence for your unique niche and marketplace  

Fully Comprehensive

Insight-Driven Interface

Explore market intelligence for 8.3 Million companies, people, topics, regions, industries, sources and much more.
Search and find market insights in 49 languages and instantly translate all articles to your language of choice.
View personalized news channels, relationship graphs, velocity trends, heat maps.
Process data based on a taxonomy structure to determine relationships among data types and extract specific meaning.

Targeted Research Workflows

Tagged content brings to the forefront the relationships between companies, people and topics giving you the tools to navigate business events, regional impacts, and supplier connections.​ Share the research flow with your team using our CRM integrations.


Focused Dashboards 

show specifically what is relevant to your team, surface what requires your attention and help drive workflow to manage your internal processes around legal and regulatory events. ​

Tailored Insight Channels

Define a portfolio or interest list of companies, topics, sources to create a Channel of information targeted to cover a targeted set of interests.


Versatile by nature

Apollo can be used in almost any environment. You can access Apollo as a full web application, or as individual component pieces that can be embedded in other platforms.

We currently have widget deployments open for use with our partners OpenFin and Symphony

Apollo Pro