June 5, 2023

FinTech Studios Inc., the leading Generative AI platform for enterprise search, market intelligence and regulatory intelligence, today announced Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT, the world’s first Generative AI enterprise search, market intelligence and regulatory intelligence platform integrated with GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced large language model (LLM), to deliver real-time, attributable, fact-based generative AI-created content, workflows, market intelligence and regulatory intelligence for corporations and financial institutions.

Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT infuse FinTech Studios proprietary technology, AI models and real-time and historical content from millions of global business, financial, government and regulatory sources in 49 languages, integrated with “best-of-breed” generative AI large language models like GPT-4 from OpenAI, as well as domain specific LLM providers.

Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT directly solve the issue of 'hallucinations' with LLMs through provenance and fact attribution by “embedding” LLM prompts with unique FinTech Studios metadata and knowledge that includes the provenance and hyperlinks to the actual articles and documents mentioned in responds to Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT prompts.

"We are excited to announce Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT, integrating OpenAI’s powerful GPT-4 LLM with FinTech Studios Generative AI-powered enterprise search, market intelligence and regulatory intelligence platform. Combining FinTech Studios intelligent search and analytics platform with GPT-4 conversational AI capabilities results in the world’s first enterprise solution that creates attributed, factually correct, real-time market intelligence and regulatory intelligence using Generative AI," said Jim Tousignant, the CEO and founder of FinTech Studios.

Unlike conventional LLMs, which can be very expensive to update and re-train, Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT are continually updated in real-time via externally managed FinTech Studios’ data bases and knowledge graphs integrating millions of global sources daily in 49 languages. Structured knowledge, metadata and intelligence generated by FinTech Studios AI platform is stored externally from 3rd party LLM models, enabling FinTech Studios to generate real-time updates by embedding FinTech Studios content in LLM prompts without the need for expensive, LLM model re-training. This unique approach results in low processing cost and up-to-the-minute, accurate information and insights, providing a significant advantage to Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT users.

Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT leverage FinTech Studios’ unique "plug and play" LLM data architecture integrated with GPT-4. By integrating GPT-4 with FinTech Studios intelligence search, dynamic channels, personalized newsletters, dashboard analytics and global content, FinTech Studios can deliver real-time, fact-based insights and decision support leveraging state of the art generative AI models for businesses and regulated industries at unprecedented scale and speed, providing significant cost savings, efficiency and productivity gains, combining the best of generative AI, and factually correct, timely knowledge.

Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT has global content in 49 languages covering over 10 million public and private companies, people, topics, regions, sources, industries, jurisdictions and government agencies and users can create personalized channels, newsletters, dashboard analytics and workflows for a wide array of industries and market intelligence and regulatory intelligence use cases, including sales, business development, competitive analysis, wealth management and financial advisory, sell-side and buy-side research, portfolio management, sales and trading, investment banking, risk and compliance, venture capital, private equity, consulting and advisory firms, government agencies and public and private companies.

Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT technology and global content integrated with GPT-4 creates factually correct, personalized, generative AI-created content and insights, including AI-generated newsletters, summaries of market updates and analysis of regulatory events from user-defined Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT channels monitoring global news, social media, blogs, business, economic and regulatory sources that impact investment portfolios, financial markets, industries, companies, products, clients, and competitors. Users can generate personalized, timely, relevant market commentary and insights using Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT generative AI.

Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT offer enterprise clients the best of both worlds - the flexible prompt capabilities of LLMs, and the precision of fact-based information retrieval from AI-powered intelligence search and analytics. All facts within LLM prompt responses are directly attributable to the original data source, solving the issue of "hallucinations" in LLMs and enabling numerous use-cases within businesses and regulated industries.

Apollo GPT and RegLens GPT include:

• Access via web browsers apps, Microsoft Teams, Symphony, OpenFin, Widgets and APIs

• Intelligence search, personalized channels, customized dashboards, newsletters, analytics, workflows, sharing and collaboration

• Access to millions of business, financial, and regulatory content sources including news, research, blogs, social media, corporate, regulatory, government, and other sources, including internal documents

• A comprehensive dataset of 2.6 billion documents processed over the past 7 years

• Real-time event streams and near real-time updates

• Integrates enterprise content from emails and chat to presentations, regulatory documents, internal documents, research, spreadsheets, videos and more

RegLens GPT users can create customized regulatory, risk and compliance channels, newsletters and dashboards to instantly access breaking important regulatory events from tens of thousands of local, regional, national and global regulatory sources and jurisdictions, including US Federal agencies, US States, and other Countries, Regions and Jurisdictions globally. Users can intelligently search, filter, analyze and translate millions of global regulatory updates in 49 languages to see the relevant laws, rules, proposals, amendments and other regulatory events that impact their business.

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