June 13, 2019

New York, NY — FinTech Studios™, the leading network of artificial intelligence-based financial information, FinTech apps and big-data analytics operated in partnership with dozens of top FinTech software companies, data providers and financial institutions, announced today a strategic partnership with OpenExchange Inc. to integrate their product offerings and provide distribution of each other’s solutions to existing clients. This unique partnership enables financial market participants to access both FinTech Studios’ financial content and big data analytics, and OpenExchange’s video conference capabilities, through a single sign-on process.

Under the agreement, FinTech Studios users can access OpenExchange’s patented videoconference technology, currently being used by many of the largest financial institutions in the world. FinTech Studios users can seamlessly navigate from its APOLLO.ai™ advanced AI-based research and market analytics application to OpenExchange’s video platform, making financial news and information more actionable than ever before. Users can engage in video calls securely with participants inside and outside the combined user bases of OpenExchange and FinTech Studios. The partnership also helps streamline the process of joining Virtual Group Meetings that are being organized at a growing rate by the sell-side around the globe.

OpenExchange users now have access to FinTech Studios’ array of financial information and analytics sourced from around the world. This partnership helps OpenExchange to expand its 1000+ Global Connected Network of public companies, intermediaries, and institutional investors, by offering enhanced access to financial content and collaboration capabilities.

“The financial content landscape will soon mirror mainstream media, with users looking to access timely, relevant news, research, market data, analytics, archived video, webcasts and live videoconferencing from thousands of major global sources in an integrated manner. This partnership accelerates that vision,” said OpenExchange CEO, Mark Loehr. “Company press releases can only go so far. Investors want to hear directly from companies and this partnership delivers the combination of key information and management access to investors. Our joint agreement with FinTech Studios not only enhances this spectrum of news, research and market content, but also brings potentially many thousands of new market participants into our video conference community.”

OpenExchange and FinTech Studios will also deliver new and unique functionality by integrating OpenExchange’s latest webcasting solution into FinTech Studios’ APOLLO.ai investment research, and analytics service designed for portfolio managers, research analysts, hedge funds, banks, brokerage firms, RIA’s, advisory firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, family offices, media companies, and others. “We are excited to enrich APOLLO.ai with the trusted videoconference technology provided by OpenExchange,” said FinTech Studios CEO Jim Tousignant. “We designed APOLLO.ai with the vision of providing integrated apps and multi-media content that was more actionable than alternative sources. Allowing for ideas to escalate immediately into an active video call with key market participants certainly helps achieve that goal.”

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