October 23, 2020

FinTech Studios™, the leading AI-based intelligent search and analytics platform for financial institutions and corporations, announced today the launch of RegLens™, a revolutionary AI-based cloud platform designed for financial institutions, consulting firms, corporations and regulators to intelligently monitor, analyze and manage rapidly changing regulatory changes globally from millions of business, financial and regulatory sources in 42 languages. In addition, FinTech Studios and PwC Netherlands also announced today the signing of an agreement to license RegLens for PwC clients as well as for internal use within PwC Netherlands.

RegLens leverages Amazon AWS scalable cloud technology combined with FinTech Studios artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technology to rapidly analyze unstructured data in real-time from millions of online business, financial and regulatory sources in 42 languages.

RegLens is powerful yet easy to use and includes regulatory, risk and compliance channels and dashboards to instantly access breaking important regulatory events from thousands of local, regional, national and global regulatory sources and jurisdictions, including US Federal agencies, US States, and other international countries, regions and jurisdictions globally. Users can intelligently search, filter, analyze and translate millions of global regulatory updates in 42 languages to see the relevant laws, rules, proposals, amendments and other regulatory events that impact their business.

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